We Worked & Now We Thwomp

I would love to write a long post about this past weekend, because so much happened, but all of that excitement and activity (especially the physical activity) has left me pretty drained. As a synopsis – we cut the trees, we stacked the wood, we dragged the brush & we burned it for hours and now we are ready to pass out. My husband and I are both exhausted, but it’s that amazing kind of exhausted you feel after a job-well-done; right before you flop face down in bed and melt.

Getting ready to burn brush from one of the five brush piles

We celebrated the first weekend of Spring by inviting friends and family over to help us clean up our garden space, eat some good food and enjoy a bonfire. After spending the majority of the past few months stuck inside because of the weather, it was a relief to get outdoors and work. The garden site that we cleared this weekend and last was formerly a quarter acre of overgrown woodland. Looking out at it this winter, especially after the past few storms, it was hard to picture it as a garden. With hard work and many helping hands though, the sickly wooded area that used to darken our driveway is now on its way to becoming a healthy garden.

Family helping to add brush to the fire

The trees that we cut were either set aside for firewood or burned. The ashes from the fires will be spread out over the area where the new garden beds will be. On Saturday, we hauled wood, dragged brush and kept the fires burning for about eight hours before we had to stop. By that time, we were all ready to take a break, wash our smokey faces, kick up our feet and enjoy the roasted venison dinner I had prepared that afternoon.

Taking a break with Lulu                     Photo Credit – Lindsay Evans

When my husband and I went outside Sunday morning, the pile of ashes was still smoking and hot. We spent Sunday raking leaves and branches, moving the rest of the firewood and tending to the established garden areas. We planted the 3 bare root fruit trees and the 160 onion sets we had picked up a few weeks earlier, but had been forced to hold indoors because of the snow storms. Sunday was also the day we had scheduled to fertilize our blueberry trees, turn our compost and start more seedlings.

Some of the onion sets

We will go to sleep tonight with sore muscles and full hearts. Spring is the season of new beginnings and I feel that we appropriately saluted her arrival.

2 thoughts on “We Worked & Now We Thwomp”

  1. It is getting more and more difficult to do that sort of thing here. The trees are protected (as if I can not decide which ones are worth keeping). The riparian zone is protected (as if I would do anything to damage it). Burning is legal only when the air is not too polluted (on the outskirts of the tenth most populous city in America), and there are those who want it completely outlawed. Deer are protected (which they should be, but seriously, there are too many of them). Oh my! I should not snivel. It is good that you are still able to manage your land to make it more productive.


    1. I completely sympathize! Regulations are important and necessary, but they can definitely pose as a great obstacle when trying to manage. We had a heck of a time getting a burn permit and that set us back quite a bit. I sure am glad everyone around here is required to get one though. I know that I’ll be careful, but I don’t necessarily trust that everyone will be.

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