‘Glory of the Snow’ – From Bud to Blossom.

The snow drops have begun to fade into the background and new flowers are now about to blossom. Taking center stage this week are the daffodils and a spring bulb that I was unfamiliar with until this season. We first noticed the tiny purple buds of our mystery flower last week. I stooped next to the little plants four mornings in a row, examining them and hoping for a clue as to what they were going to look like so that I could find them in one of my books.

Day two into the examination, my husband joined me, along with our dog Lupin and some hot coffee and said, “you just need to be patient.” This is one of the hardest things to hear, but he was correct. My husband is just as enthusiastic about our gardens and our land as I am, but my inability to just wait and let things happen is becoming more noticeable now that we are out of planning season and into implementation season.

The truth is that sometimes, I just need to be able to tell myself to cool it.

We spent the long winter months wisely planning out our landscape and gardens and I was chomping at the bit the entire time. We are having a blast, but we are already exhausted. At the end of the day, it’s important to realize that life is about balance. We are ahead of schedule by about four weeks now, but we’ve been so tired that we are not much fun at dinner when my husband gets home – cue image of me almost falling asleep mid pork chop chew and my husband scarfing food so he can get right to bed. We both work full time and do not get to see each other very much during the week, so our evenings and weekends with each other are precious. That being the case, although I’m inclined to roll up my sleeves get right into things – “get ‘er done” is my involuntary mantra… – I recognize that sometimes I just need to tell myself to cool it. We didn’t need to do as much as we have already and we are going to be completely drained by the time the growing season actually starts!

Staring at the flower isn’t going to make it bloom...

We spent all winter planning so that our projects would not overwhelm us and we could enjoy them together. Accomplishing our goals is amazing, but being able to enjoy the time spent accomplishing those goals is important. The flowers will bloom when the flowers will bloom and nobody should ever try to rush that.

I did not give myself a New Year goal this January, so I’m doing it now. I’m going to take time every day to stop, breath and take in the beauty of nature at every stage of growth; instead of wishing it was in its prime and perfect state. The same goes for our farm. I’m going to take time to appreciate every stage of it, even the up-to-our-shins in the mud/our garden stage, because this is when the memories are made. This is when life happens. My husband and I have been working for years to get to where we are, and it would be a shame if either of us missed the journey because we were too busy trying to “make it happen” or “get ‘er done” – I really need that mantra to go away now…

There could not be a more perfect name for ‘Glory of the Snow’

The other morning, we were pleasantly surprised by some beautiful purple blooms, which turned out to be ‘Glory of the Snow.’ We agreed that the wait has been well worth it, especially because it gave us pause and made us think about the need to slow things down and enjoy ourselves.

Enjoy your life in full; from bud to blossom.


As one of my friends says: “You cannot have a spring without a winter.” Winter should be enjoyed while it lasts and then spring should be enjoyed in full; from bud to blossom. That is a life goal worth having – enjoying life in full; from bud to blossom.



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