Sundays Were Made for This: Finding Time to Relax

This morning is cool, but humid. The forecast is calling for severe thunderstorms, but it is quiet right now. The only sounds are the songs of crickets and the occasional echoing whinnies from the horses next door. My hands smell like tomato plants and I’ve got two giant bowls of San Marzano, cherry and beef steak tomatoes ready for sauce.

The basil and rosemary we started from seed this winter has done very well (despite the pesky flea beetles) and the small, but still lovely onion harvest is in. We had a few good days to start curing the larger onions outside and now they are inside finishing up in our pantry closet. The smaller onions are getting peeled and frozen this afternoon for use in stews this winter.

There’s nothing like venison stew with garden veggies on a cold January day.

The potatoes and beans are almost done producing, and the summer squash and cucumbers are pretty much done. Our pumpkins and winter squash took a hit from vine borers, but we caught it early enough that we only lost one plant. The retrieval of the borers went well, with about 20 of the pesky, grubby things collected and only one vine split too badly by a botched surgery to salvage. We have one truly giant pumpkin thriving, a few sugar pies turning orange, about 10 little Cinderella plumping up and a “honey bear” variety of winter squash starting to form.

The flowers here are coming in faster than I can pick them, so we are enjoying a beautifully fragrant and colorful landscape. I can’t say enough about the “cut-and-come-again” variety of zinnias we planted this year. We have probably picked 10 medium bouquets from our little 4×8 foot patch so far this summer and new blooms are still forming!

The wild offerings are also quite bountiful right now…

With the mint bushes at their fullest and the wild pepper blossoms in bloom – my yard smells sweet. We have been amazed by the many different mushrooms we’ve been finding (it makes sense with all of the rain we have had this summer). I wish that I had a better grasp of what is edible and what is not, especially because we are going to be making pasta sauce today.

We have officially added mushroom identification to our long list of things we still need to learn…not today though! Today is for relaxing. Sundays were made for this – meandering in the garden, making pasta sauce, sipping coffee and lounging. We haven’t had a lot of time for lazing about, so we are taking advantage of it.

So is Lupin…

5 thoughts on “Sundays Were Made for This: Finding Time to Relax”

  1. Those zinnias are very colourful. I’ve never been very keen on them, but obviously haven’t looked closely enough because they have interesting colours and shapes. That pink and white one is eye catching.

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  2. Our San marzano tomatoes were labeled wrong! They look like Romas! Although they are good as Romas, they are not what was expected. Oh well. It happens.
    We grew only two ‘Sugar Pie’ pumpkins this year. They grow on their own. They only need water. We might grow prettier orange pumpkins in the future. ‘Jack-o’-Lantern’ does reasonably well here. However, ‘Sugar Pie’ is the best!

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    1. Oh wow! I haven’t had a mislabeled incident yet with veggies. At least you are getting tomatoes! I wish sugar pie pumpkins would pop up in my garden on their own. The only thing growing on their own here are the weeds! Sugar pie pumpkins are the best. Yummmm

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      1. Actually, we are pleased with the tomatoes regardless of what they are. We did not grow many varieties this years, so you would think that we would miss that which is lacking, but they are all good. The pumpkins do not self sow. We do plant them. What I mean is that once they are in the garden, and getting whatever water they happen to get when the rest of the garden is watered, they grow on their own. Their vines creep along the outside of the garden, so they do not take up valuable space inside. We do almost nothing to them. In the end, the foliage dies down to reveal the pumpkins!

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