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The First Heavy Frost & A New Beginning of Things

The yard is just as colorful as it was this summer when the gardens were in full bloom. Now, everything is dying and going to sleep for the duration of the cold months ahead. As my marigolds wither and my pumpkins start to get spots, the bright, colored tree leaves dance and accumulate in delicate piles. There is something melancholic about it, but also exciting.

All of the hard work we put into our gardens has paid off and we have a tidy store of onions, potatoes, herbs and sauces put away for the winter. Our gardens were not big and they ended up being quite a bit more wild than we planned for, but they still provided. We are such “newbies” at this that we are still surprised when we look in the pantry or we glance at the seeds we saved for next year – “We did that?”

Aspiring to Have Joel’s Pantry

I went to an organic gardening conference a few years ago and heard Joel Salatin speak. He said a lot of great things, but one of the lines I liked the best was a comment he made regarding his larder. He said something along the lines of – “there is nothing better than looking at a nice stocked larder.”

Our pantry has one long shelf half-full of home-grown goods and we have one small freezer stacked with sauces and veggie soups. Some day, we hope to have the kind of full larder I imagine Mr. Salatin was talking about – rows of canned fruits and veggies, baskets of apples, onions, carrots and other root vegetables all grown and harvested by my family.

The frost laced leaves mark the official end of the growing season and the beginning of the planning season for us. We are strategizing for next years gardens, editing maps for the property layout and getting ready for our baby to arrive next month. We are saying goodbye to the brilliant purples of my fading aster flowers and hello to the smell of wood smoke and cold air. We are welcoming change with open arms and eager to see what this next season brings.

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  1. Our pantry had always been stocked with what grew in the gardens on the perimeter of the farm, and what we could get from the forest outside. Now that I am working part time in the landscapes of a big conference center, there is a whole new source of food to be canned. The kitchens discard large volumes of food weekly. There is always meat products, such as chicken or hamburgers, left over from barbecues. Some of it gets delivered to the few homeless in town; and we can can what we want from the rest. Sadly, it is not possible to can it all, so much of it goes to waste anyway.

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  2. Beautifully written! With your passion and vision, I have no doubt your dreams will be realized! Hope you are feeling well! Love you all!

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