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Is It Spring Fever Or Teething?

This time last year I was sleeping 8 hours a night, watching my many seedlings pop up, mixing spring cocktails and writing about spring fever (SPRING FEVA-is how it’s pronounced around here).

This year, I’m coming back into the blog world a whole new lady. I’m looking a little more tired than usual, my seeds are two weeks behind schedule and there are tiny socks that need matching all over my dining room table. I’m a little bit different, but I am a lot a bit loving it!

So, What Changed?

It may seem obvious – We had the baby! My husband and I are proud parents to an almost four month old son. He was born on what would have been my Grandfather’s 100th birthday and he has the signature “Evans washy blue eyes.” My son and I both have those, actually (to my father’s -aka Papa Jack- delight). Other than the eyes, our little boy definitely takes after my husband.

So, What’s Growing Now? A Healthy, Working Farm…

Besides the seemingly never-ending growth spurts my total champ of a son is going through…

…we have been working for almost two years to develop a plan to clean up our property in the most sustainable way possible. Lately, my husband and father have been cutting the dead white oaks closest to the house (thank you gypsy moth caterpillars), which will be used as next year’s firewood.

We are meeting with a forester next weekend and then the state forester and wetlands surveyor to make sure we are okay to selectively cut some of the overgrown forrest. Our forrest land is a good example of what 20+ years of neglect looks like. The gypsy moth damage from two years ago and flooding last spring only made matters worse.

With the help of professionals who will work with us to keep the habitat and various ecosystems in mind, we are finally going to have the ability to take away the dead and sick layers and allow for our property to grow into a healthy, working farm.

My father, a seasoned sustainability master when it comes to woodland, is going to give us some guidance as well. We try to be as self sufficient as we can, but a smart farmer never turns away seasoned help. Falling on my face in the carrot patch is one thing (yup, that happened) but a big project like this calls for extra care and resources.

Too. Much. FUN!

I’ll be writing about the process over the next few months. I’ll also be writing about the gardens. I’m a little behind, because we have been having a little too much fun with the baby (not apologizing for THAT) but I’ll catch up!

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