Hello Windowsills and Goodbye Greeneth McHothousen

We set her up and we cleaned her. She was blown into the woods and we retrieved her. We patched her up and anchored her down, but two nights of wind storms proved to be too much for our little greenhouse (affectionately named Greeneth McHothousen).

So, the greenhouse bit the dust, but luckily the seedlings were not housed within when it happened (thank goodness for weather warnings). Without the greenhouse and because it’s still too cold at night to put our little plants on the screen porch, every south facing window in our home is playing host to a full tray of plants for the next two weeks. Hopefully the frost pattern stays true to tradition this year.

My husband and I had already noticed our home is evolving into something very different than it was before. There is an adorable bassinet of some kind in every living area, a bouncy seat and a large baby swing graces our dining room. A mess of bottle parts have taken over the kitchen counters where I make my breads. What was once an eclectic bar area full of tasty whiskeys and wines has evolved into the mail counter/to-do list pile.

Have a drink while you read the mail…if you can find the whisky.

The addition of our growing plant babies to the house has made it even more clear that this place, once a house of relaxed evenings and long, restful nights of sleep, is a nursery. It’s hectic, it’s messy, and it is marvelous. We are surrounded by growing things and everyday they are a little bit more beautiful.

Our son is a belly-laughing, scooting little baby who is growing so well. (We have him in clothes that were meant for two months from now). He is eating a ton and will be ready to start trying veggies from the garden in a few short months.

Is there anything better than introducing someone to a new food?

Our seedlings are strong and very green. We have been growing sweet pea flowers, tomato plants, morning glory flowers, pumpkins, winter squash and a whole lot of herbs (those are still under the lights for now). The next batch of flower flats was scheduled for last week, but the greenhouse dilemma has caused some issues with our flower plans.

The plans for our property are continuing along. The forester came out today to mark our boundary lines and we will go out tomorrow to select specific trees to be culled this summer. This spring has been especially rainy, so we have had to reschedule a few times. That’s okay though! Rain is good for the gardens and a wet spring should result in very few gypsy moth caterpillars this summer. Hopefully my next post will have some good details about the forrest project.

Happy spring and happy gardening! May you all have beautiful spring weather and worms in your soil.

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